Tiger Tips – Episode 1

 In our premiere episode, Dr. Holly Bondurant talks about staying active and eating right as kids start the new school year!

Tiger Tips – Episode 2

Time for another #tigertips from Tiger Pediatrics! Dr. Holly is back to talk about a very timely topic: allergies. Ragweed is on the loose, but never fear, Dr. Holly has #allofthetips to help you and your family fight this pesky allergen!

Tiger Tips – Episode 3

It’s time for another #tigertips! In this installment, Dr. Blake Barnes dives into how to fight back against growing waistlines. There are some very basic and helpful tips here for kids of all ages!

Tiger Tips – Episode 4

In this installment of #tigertips, we talk about the importance of getting your flu shot. Dr. Weidt even takes her flu shot on camera! Feel free to show this to any kiddo that might be scared of needles. As Dr. Weidt demonstrates, it’s no big deal!

Tiger Tips – Episode 5

In this installment, Dr. Janie Jacobs joins us to talk about the best way to deal with something that every family will more than likely have to deal with this season: the common cold.

Tiger Tips – Episode 6

In this installment, Dr. Jacobs joins us again to talk about asthma and how to deal with flare-ups this time of year.

Tiger Tips – Episode 7

It can be hard to tell whether our kiddos have a cold or a sinus infection. In this installment, Dr. Barnes walks us through the differences between the two and gives us indicators to help us determine when it is a good time to bring your child in.

Tiger Tips – Episode 8

In this installment, Dr. Stuebben joins us to talk about dealing with functional belly pain in our kiddos. Watch as she shares advice on how to tackle these tummy aches head-on!

Tiger Tips – Episode 9

Being a new parent, creating healthy sleep patterns for your baby can be difficult but it is so important. In this episode of #tigertips, Dr. Janie Jacobs walks us through some basic tips for helping your little one get a good night’s sleep.

Tiger Tips – Episode 10

DENTAL HEALTH: On this episode of #tigertips, Dr. Dietiker is back to arm you with all of the basic info you need to ensure that your little ones have the best oral care!

Tiger Tips – Episode 11

Picking the right size car seat for your kid is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, Dr. Dietiker returns to explain what car seats are best for your little one, depending on their age and weight.

Tiger Tips – Episode 13

With all of the talk about COVID-19, it is easy to forget about the ailments that are normally problematic for us this time of year. Dr. Barnes returns to chat about seasonal allergies as we move through springtime.

Tiger Tips – Episode 14

Dr. Lisa Monsees joining us for the first time! Getting our kids back to school can always be a challenging time, but COVID-19 is making this year especially challenging.

Tiger Tips – Episode 17

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and our kids are just as susceptible to depression as adults. Dr. Jacobs returns in this episode to line out how the team at Tiger Pediatrics is battling mental health issues amid a pandemic.

Tiger Tips – Episode 19

The topic of conversation is constipation! Nurse Practitioner Staci Reiner gives some great advice on ways to help keep your child, and yourself, regular.

Tiger Tips – Episode 20

Ideas for helping your child stay in bed through the night are priceless for the tired parent and help to develop a lifetime of healthy sleeping habits. Thanks to Dr. Blake Barnes for these creative and effective tips.

Tiger Tips – Episode 21

Thanks to vaccines, diseases such as Measles, Chicken Pox, and Polio are at low levels. In this episode, Dr. Dietiker tells us more about the effects of vaccines.

Tiger Tips – Episode 22

Riding a bike is a great way to have fun and get exercise at the same time, as long as you do it safely. In this episode, NP Shawn Neyens gives us some amazing statistics about bike injury, as well as advice on keeping safe while riding.

Tiger Tips – Episode 23

In this episode, learn about the job of a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practioner, from our very own CPNP Tia Bruce!