Behavioral health is a concern for many parents. A large number of children suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety disorders (such as school anxiety and panic attacks), eating disorders, substance abuse disorders and conduct disorders. Additionally, most children are intermittently affected by sleep disorders, behavior problems, temper tantrums and moodiness. All of the physicians at Tiger Pediatrics have extensive experience guiding parents through these and other related problems. Whether discussing sleep problems at a check up, prescribing an antidepressant or ADHD medication, or recommending a family counselor, your pediatrician at Tiger Pediatrics will function as your medical home for all behavioral and mental health concerns.

We frequently sit down with parents of children who are failing at school and regularly interact with schools to help children thrive during their educational process. Using some combination of testing, counseling, school adjustments, medications, diet and exercise modifications, and medications, nearly all children can achieve success during their school years.