Episode 16: Car Seats

Help your child stay safe in a vehicle through different stages of growth with this useful information from Dr. Stuebben.

Episode 14: Teething

When do baby’s first teeth usually start coming in? What are some soothing techniques for gum pain? Should a baby’s teeth be brushed? Tune in to this episode of Newborn 101 to get the answers from NP Melanie Boerio.

Episode 13: Feeding Your Baby

How long is breastmilk or formula recommended? How do you know if a baby is hungry or satisfied? Shawn Neyens, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, provides helpful information in this episode.

Episode 11: Safe Sleep

How should your new baby be positioned during sleep? What is an appropriate sleep schedule? When should they be sleeping through the night? Dr. Jacobs provides helpful answers in this episode of Newborn 101.

Episode 9: Circumcision

Having a baby boy? Dr. Bondurant shares some information on when the procedure happens, as well as why some parents choose this option.

Episode 8: Fevers in a Newborn

In infants, a fever can be a serious concern. If your baby has a fever in the first 90 days after birth, it’s important to take action. Learn more in this episode from Dr. Dietiker.

Episode 7: Skin Issues

  Your newborn may experience a variety of skin conditions in the days after their birth. What is normal? In this episode, Dr. Barnes lets us know.