Tiger Tips – The 4 S’s of Healthy Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, there is a fun and easy way for kids to remember key health tips. This applies mostly to preteens and teenagers but can be a great advantage for any age. The “S diet” is a simple eating strategy to help with not only losing unhealthy weight but also, if applied daily, keeping it at a normal range throughout a lifetime. This can lead to a change in lifestyle!


S is for sweets!  Our goal should be to Limit sugary drinks, foods and sweets.   It’s hard to go completely without sweets and while some sugar can be beneficial, too much can be damaging. One sweet a day, or one dessert every few days, is a good idea rather than eating something sweet after every meal. 


Avoiding a second plate of food is a great way to monitor food consumption. Only put the food you know or think you are going to eat on your plate and when finished, don’t return for another filling. It can make eating at buffets tricky and while there are exceptions for special days, one plate of food for each meal is enough. 


Probably the most important, especially for teenagers, is no snacking except for healthy foods. This can be difficult, walking by a cookie jar or wanting to grab something from the fridge, but being aware of what foods you eat can help in the long run. When wanting to snack, try foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, or other healthy options. 

Soda & Sweet Drinks

The less common S stands for cutting down on sweet drinks. This can include drinks like cola, sweet tea, or lemonade. Even juice can be in this category. Many teenagers have trouble with their weight when it comes to drinking soda, and cutting it out of their diet can help maintain a healthier waistline. 

When these steps and practices are followed, it is continuously easier to maintain a healthy weight over a long period of time. These tips aren’t just meant to help immediate problems but can be helpful over a lifetime.